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The focus of my therapeutic work is to assist individuals seeking ways to manage their anxiety.

Anxiety is an interesting paradox. At its best, it can be motivating and can prompt you to move forward and “get things done.” At its worst it can be debilitating and frustratingly all-consuming. It may accompany other issues such as substance use, trauma, and low self-esteem. Anxiety can peak during times of change, wreak havoc on your physical health, and impact your personal relationships. 

Although there are general symptoms of anxiety (ruminating thoughts, feeling on-edge, insomnia, etc), the way it impacts you and influences your life are unique to you. If you’re reading this, my guess is your anxiety has become overwhelming and you’re ready to rein it in.

We can work collaboratively to help you manage your anxiety. Together we will figure out how to harness it so it can work for you instead of against you. We will briefly explore the genesis of it, then, we will move forward to implement healthy, realistic skills you can use immediately.

Similar to the photo above, anxiety can feel overwhelming like a wave crashing down on you, but together we can figure out how to manage and help you ride the waves of anxiety.

Anxiety: About Me
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