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My therapy practice is inclusive and welcoming to all racial-ethnic identities. That said, many of my Asian American clients seek out my therapy services specifically because of my lived experience as an Asian American individual. If this is you, I want to speak to you for a moment:

I acknowledge the idea of therapy might feel like it is in direct contrast to the values you were taught. For some of my Asian American clients, therapy is not recognized as an option for healing. If you resonate with this, I understand it took bravery and determination to even start looking for a therapist.

Growing up you might have been taught to “save face” and that your self-worth is tied to your achievements. You may feel misunderstood and not know what you want because you were often told what you should want. Perhaps you learned that your personal actions are somehow a reflection of your whole family. While this may have been done with good intention, we can both acknowledge, that’s a lot of pressure!

Outside of family, you may be navigating the world with the burden of being viewed as the “model minority,” being a “people pleaser” and yet still feeling like a perpetual outsider. Maybe you wrestle with the feeling of never quite belonging.

If you’ve had similar experiences, perhaps you wonder how they’ve affected you. I see that, and in our work together we can explore how everything connects, intersects, and may be affecting your current circumstances.

Asian Americans: About Me
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