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Meditating in Mountains


Your race, culture, ethnicity, and experiences are all uniquely yours. No one can speak for you on how your multi-faceted identity shapes and guides you or how your experiences have impacted you.

Race-based stress is the emotional stress caused by experiences with racial bias, ethnic discrimination, and/or racism. It can be an overt, sudden event or chronic incidences of microagressions. The key component is that you feel the impacts of racism and it impacts you deeply.  

Speaking from personal experience, I understand how one’s race, culture, and ethnicity can add a dimension that may be difficult to articulate but is often deeply felt. If you’re here to explore, let’s have those discussions together in a way that feels healing, honest, and right for you. Together, we will explore how your race, culture, and ethnicity have impacted you and process how this will inform how you want to move forward.

Race-based Stress: About Me
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